You'll want to spend some time at this home. It's like an art gallery open to the public, along two Tucson streets (it's on the southwest corner of Norton & Elm). For instance, notice the decoration along the east wall (along Norton Ave.):

East wall of 2350 Elm Street, Tucson, Arizona

(There's a closer view of the left end on the Tucson Mailbox Art blog on the page 2350 East Elm Street. And, farther along to the left — that is, to the south — are two colorful plastic dragons. You can see them on the Tucson Murals Project blog on the page Maybe a mural, part 32: critters glued on.)

To the right — at the corner of Elm Street, is a surprise: a dinosaur skeleton. There are more dinos in the cutouts at the top of the wall. Then walk along Elm to see sculpture like the one below.

Dinosaur skeletons at the corner of Elm & Norton, Tucson, Arizona Sculpture of man doing a handstand - at 2350 Elm Street, Tucson, Arizona

As if that weren't enough, across the street is a sculpture of giant purple flowers (click there to see it on the Tucson Murals Project blog). There's also a (maybe) mural farther along the Elm Street wall, toward the west end, shown on the Tucson Murals Project: Exquisite on Elm.

The homeowners obviously wanted to share this art with everyone because most of it is on the outside of their walls. Thanks to these amazing art lovers for sharing their love with the city!