After I moved to Tucson in the 1990s, I built a page of links to Tucson information — and realized that other people might want to use it, too, so I put it on the Internet. That page has been popular enough that, when I had trouble finding a listing of artists in this town, I thought of building a similar page for art. (Tucson has a lot of art!) When I talked to some local artists about the Web, I found that many of them didn’t have any Internet presence. So I decided to build this site as a central place to list artists in all media and public art — and also keep a list of links to other Tucson art-related websites.

Photo of Jerry Peek (by Meredith Hayes)

Not long after I started this site, the Pima Cultural Plan proposed a Cultural Directory website that would do a lot of the same things. That website didn’t happen, though, so I’m slowly re-launching during 2013-14. Please look around (see the right-hand column of every page) and send me suggestions! is here for everyone who’s in the arts, or interested in the arts. By building the site, I get to meet artists, track down public art and photograph it, and learn more about the art scene here. I hope you enjoy the site!

Jerry Peek
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