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New photo blog: Tucson’s Pocket Parks

I've just launched a new blog about small parks and hidden nooks around Tucson. Great places to take a break or get some neighborhood color, they're often too tiny to appear on a standard map. (I'm planning to make a map that shows all of them.) Today's entry is about Plaza of the Pioneers. The blog's address is SmallParks.TucsonArt.info (you can click there to see it). Here's a snippet of one of the photos.

This is my third Tucson art and photography blog. (The mailbox and mural blogs are listed below.) I hope these blogs help you find more art, more places to relax... and to just enjoy our great town!

Mural & mailbox blogs... and new search box

Don't miss the Tucson Murals Project and Tucson Maibox Art blogs (to read more, click there or scroll down). They’re pretty quiet right now, but there are hundreds of photos already online to enjoy! (Check the archives.) And I hope to again be posting actively by the end of the year. Please have a look -- or follow us on Twitter to be notified of each new blog post.

I've also added a search box to the right column in the Info, Navigation section. (It will only search TucsonArt.info unless you un-check the box; then it will search the whole Web.) As this site continues to grow, I hope it helps you find more art!

(If you aren't a Twitter user, you can see a live Twitter feed by clicking there or scrolling down a ways.)

Radio interview about TucsonArt.info and blogs

Two Sundays ago — June 2 — I was a guest on the Fred & Jeff Show at FM 104.1 The Truth. We chatted about Tucson Art, TucsonArt.info, as well as the mural and mailbox blogs. (That's me on the right side of the photo.)

The hosts did a great job and had a lot of fun — as they always do. I had fun, too! If you'd like to hear the whole show, click on their page above. To hear only my part (MP3 format, 18 minutes), click here: Jerry Peek on The Fred and Jeff Show June 2, 2013 (In my file — the one I just mentioned — my interview starts in earnest about 3 minutes after the start of the clip.)

Tucson Art blogs

page from Tucson Mailbox Art blog
The Tucson Mailbox Art blog (mailboxes.tucsonart.info) shows artistic, creative, interesting (or just weird) mailboxes in front of Tucson homes. It's been online only since the end of last year, but it's already getting a lot of visitors. I try to post a new mailbox every day.
page from Tucson Murals Project blog
The Tucson Murals Project blog (tucsonmurals.blogspot.com) has been online since 2006. We just posted the 750th page of Tucson murals (as well as a few murals from out of town). A table of Tucson murals and a map of Tucson murals (both of which are a few months out of date at this point) will help you find particular murals. There's also a "Search This Blog" box on the right side of the blog.

New mural tour maps, listed near the middle of the TucsonArt.info Murals page, guide you around parts of Tucson that have lots of murals.

To see new murals and mailboxes as they're added, you can use one of the “subscribe” features at the top-right hand side of either blog, or you can follow @TucsonArt on Twitter. (By the way, you don't have to be “on Twitter” to “follow” us. Just click on that Twitter link from time to time — or bookmark it for easy visiting.) We also tweet selected other art events around the area... and we'll be tweeting new artists and public art as soon as TucsonArt.info is re-launched.

The newest from TucsonArt.info on social media

On the Facebook “Tucson Art” page, I post announcements of art events, other art news, and one work by each Tucson artist I discover.

On the Instagram @tucson.art account I follow every Tucson artist I can find; I also share one work from each artist.

The @TucsonArt Twitter feed has what's new here on the TucsonArt.info website as well as announcements of Tucson art events and news:

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