Table of murals in Tucson, Arizona - has several ways to help you find and learn about Tucson's hundreds of murals: a map, a blog, Facebook, and Twitter. (You can find them all on the murals page.)

The last way, the table below, groups the blog's mural entries by where they are in Tucson. To read more about a mural and see photos, open the table and click on the entry's name.

Of course, murals don't last forever. So the map and the table also list the date the photo was taken and the date the mural was reported to be there. (If you find a mural missing, please tell me.) A mural we couldn't pinpoint is marked with a tilde (“approximate” symbol, ~) in the table's Location column.

Happy hunting,
Jerry Peek

P.S. If you want to search through a table, see the hints at the very bottom of this page.

After you click on one of the regions, scroll down a bit farther to see the murals located there.

P.S. If you're looking for a particular mural, you can either scroll down the table to see what's there or ask your web browser to search for it:

Last update: 9 October 2014